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"Green Lizards" is conceptualized to be an annual, unique, all-inclusive t-shirt band where music and alcohol collide with energy and fun-loving people. With this view in mind, a new and exciting concept has been created by the Island Vibez group.​

Island Vibez is responsible for the popular brand Got Bajan? and ​has decided to take their clientele to the next level and provide them with an unforgettable Mardi Gras Foreday Morning experience! Island Vibez prides itself in providing premium offerings and an electrifying vibe. As such, we are dedicated to providing an invigorating experience and guaranteeing security so our patrons are free to let go of all inhibitions.

We are ready to captivate you with an unforgettable party celebration , orchestrated by our team of highly recommended promoters;

 All our guests will be delighted by our personalized service and top shelf sophistication allowing for an over the top Foreday Morning reveling extravaganza.​​

Green Lizards is about life, celebration and making memories; it's where your dream world and your real world share a moment of complete and total bliss. Where paint, mud and water take the place of heels and button-down shirts, and no one is afraid to get down and dirty!

Our aim is to assist in the rejuvenation of the new age Fore Day Morning Jam. Green Lizards will offer patrons a safe yet energetic and unforgettable, nightlife reveling experience with an all-inclusive package of food, drinks and memorabilia.

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